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  NM Vintage Wines.

Old Mesilla, NM

Thank you "NM Vintage Wines" for being a customer. Delivered this awesome colorful bench yesterday. Next time your in Old Mesilla and grab yourself a glass of wine or a taste in there beautiful tasting room. Also make sure to take a seat on the bench outside their location and take a photo. We would love to see them. 


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Old Barrel Tea & Spice Co.

​Old Mesilla, NM

We recently sold some rustics (handcrafted by one of the amazing builders we work with) to a new Tea Shop that opened in Old Mesilla, Old Barrel Tea & Spice Co., and I finally had the opportunity to go in to see how the furniture looks in their store and to buy some tea. If you have a chance to go in - it's a definite MUST - it smells FABULOUS in there and they have an amazing selection of teas .... Plus you can see the great furniture (table, hutch, benches and shelves -pictured) they bought from us....